The main publication of our Association until 2002 was the newsletter WIS-PHYS, edited by John Shepherd (UW-River Falls). A new publication is in preparation.

WIS-PHYS History: A new Newsletter for Physics Teachers! Maybe it looks a bit like something you’ve seen before? For those of you who haven’t been receiving SPECTRUM or attending the WAPT Business Meetings, here’s what has happened. SPECTRUM was produced by the Wisconsin High School Physics Project for at least 10 years. UW-River Falls Physics was a newsletter also produced for High School Physics Teachers by the Physics Department at UW-River Falls. Since members of the committee that produced SPECTRUM were starting to feel burned out it was decided to combine the two newsletters into one, hence WIS-PHYS.

We need your article: We always need articles! There is plenty of room in the remaining issue of WIS-PHYS this academic year for YOUR ARTICLE. Send us something, an interesting technique you have developed to demonstrate something or motivate students. Articles on experiments you are doing are always well received. It is very important that those of you who submit the articles, on which this Newsletter depends, do so in some machine readable form, either disc or e-mail. In the later case you can attach the article with diagrams to an e-mail message if your e-mail software allows. Anything can be converted (even DOS) but it is easiest if you use one of the following:  MS-Word 98, Apple Works 6.0, MS-Works 4.0 or FullWrite Professional.

Past Issues: