2019 WAPT Annual Meeting (click for more information)

The 2019 WAPT meeting is November 8-9, Friday and Saturday, at Chula Vista in Wisconsin Dells, WI.  We will have dinner and a speaker on Friday night, with workshops, talks and the business meeting on Saturday.

Games and Puzzles as Nonthreatening Gateways to Understand Science and Problem Solving

Friday night Kathy Harper from The Ohio State University will present a plenary talk entitled

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Contributed Talks (Submit yours today!)
•Highlighter Grading Strategy
•Surprising Ways to Make Introductory Physics Problems Much More Difficult
•Get the Facts Out about STEM Teaching Jennifer Docktor – UW – La Crosse
•A Shop Experience for Physics Majors in the Digital Age.
•Cosplay as Education Outreach – A Year as Neil Armstrong
•Undergraduate students’ common misconceptions about symmetry and why they often fail to recognize it
•10 Years of ALPhA’s Laboratory Immersions
•Using Ethology and Molecular Biology to Develop Problems for Use in •Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences
•Comparison of face-to-face and online outcomes for Physics 100
•Next Generation Modeling Courses for Teachers
•Evolution of geomagnetic cutoffs at the South Pole and neutron monitor rates
•Neu News from the IceCube Neutrino Observatory
•Gravitational Wave Data Analysis
•Cross Diagram for Solving Kinematic Problems
•Using Interactive Video to Teach Physics

Other future meeting locations are:
UW River Falls (Fall 2020)

WAPT is a section of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT). The goal of the WAPT is to advance and diffuse the knowledge of physics, especially as it pertains to the teaching of physics.

We welcome to the WAPT anyone interested in physics and related disciplines, whether or not they teach courses in these disciplines.

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