Fall WAPT Meeting, Nov 3-4, 2023

The Wisconsin Association of Physics Teachers (WAPT) will hold their annual meeting on Friday and Saturday November 3rd & 4th, at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI.

Guest Speakers:

Caleb Bonyun, Senior Technical Instructor, MIT

Dr. Chelsea Cook, Marquette University Department of Biology

  • Research focus on how bees thermally regulate their colonies using convection and how they learn and communicate about their environments.
  • co-founder and Chief Science Officer of HiveTech Solutions.  ​​Publications — The Cook Lab

Dr. Dennis Roscoe, UW-Waukesha Campus Department of Physics
Guest Lecturer at Carroll University, & NASA Solar System Ambassador.

  • Teaches astronomy and astrophotography, specializing in the imaging of deep space objects. 
  • Owns and operates RoscoeSkies Observatory and works with the Milwaukee Astronomy Society.  ​​​​​​index (roscoeskies.com)


Call for Submissions:

Contributed Talks:  12 min slots including Q&A.  Smart podiums are available in the presentation spaces.  Some suggested themes:

  • Climate and energy in the classroom
  • Connecting physics to other disciplines (astronomy, engineering, geology, life-sciences, etc.)
  • Developing scientific thinking
  • Inclusive and accessible teaching in classroom or lab settings.
  • Other submission topics are welcome.

Posters: Traditional Poster Session, both WAPT and SPS attendees are invited to participate.

SPS Sessions:

  • SPS Alumni Roundtable: A focused 50-min discussion where SPS alumni from different career paths share their experiences on life after undergraduate studies.
  • SPS Poster Session: Runs concurrently with the faculty posters.
  • Lab Tours: Area research labs will be open for student tours.
  • Physics Photo Competition: Opten to both HS and college students. Take a picture of a sstem which clearly illustrates a physics principle. Submit the photo with a short description of the physics involved.

Workshops: 50-90 min sessions

  • Amphibian Optics with Dr. Rick Boyd. Tropical frogs have various adaptations based on reflection, refraction, and absorption of incident photons. Participants will engage with the amphibians and discuss related curricular materials.
  • Safe Solar Observations Share-a-thon to prepare for the 2024 Elipses. Addendees are invited to demonstrate and share.
  • Other submission topics are welcome.