(as amended, Fall 2006)

Article I. Name: The name of this organization shall be the Wisconsin Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers.

Article II. Object: The object of this organization shall be the advancement and diffusion of the knowledge of physics, especially as it pertains to the teaching of physics.

Article III. Membership: Membership shall be open to those persons who are interested in the teaching of physics. The period of membership shall be from the close of the annual business meeting through the next annual business meetings, contingent upon payment of dues.

Article IV. Officers: The officers of the association shall be a president, vice-president, and a secretary-treasurer, with duties ordinarily associated with those offices. The vice-president’s duties will include being program chair for the annual meeting. The president and vice-president serve a one-year term, from one business meeting until the next business meeting, with election at the annual business meeting; the secretary-treasurer serves a three-year term.

Section Representative: The Section Representative shall be elected for a three year term.


High School and Two-Year College Representatives: The High School and Two-Year College representatives shall be elected for a two year term.

Article V. Committees:

(1) The Executive Committee: The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected officers, Sectional Representative and the two preceding past presidents.

(2) Other Committees: Other committees may be appointed by the Executive Committee.

Article VI. Amendments: This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the membership. The vote may be taken either by mail or at the annual meeting.


Article I. Dues: Dues shall be set to cover only necessary expenses, and shall be decided upon one year in advance, each year, by vote at the annual business meeting.

Article II. Meetings: An annual business meeting shall be held each year at a place to be decided upon by the membership the previous year. Other general meetings may be arranged by the Executive Committee. Notice of all meetings shall be sent by the program chair to all those whose names appear on the membership list. Whenever possible, an attempt shall be made to include all those who are eligible for membership under Article III.