Wisconsin Section, American Association of Physics Teachers

Minutes of the Annual Business Meeting

October 26, 2002, at UW-Eau Claire, Eau Claire, WI


After being herded by Erik and Matt from the Tamarack to the Ojibway Room and having finished a delightful lunch (What, No Desert??!!), David Tamres called the 61st meeting of the WAPT to order at 12:52 pm, central daylight  (soon to be standard) time.  David led the assembled multitude in what would only be the first round of warm and well deserved appreciation for an exceptionally smoothly run meeting.

Erik Hendrickson announced the winners of the poster contest that was held in conjunction with the meeting.  Tied for second place were Controlling the Random Motion of a Magnetic Pendulum by Arriety Lowell, University of Wisconsin - River Falls, and High Resolution X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study of Si-rich SiC (100) 3x2 and Si-terminated c(4x2) Oxidation: Importance of Surface Reconstruction (aka the paper with a lot of words in the title!) by S. Mehberg, S. Chamberlin, D. Dunham, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire.  First place went to Nuclear Fusion - Stellar Power on Earth by Johan Tabora and Susana Castillo, University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Wow! Look at all we have accomplished already and we haven’t even gotten to the first item on the agenda yet!

The following agenda items were scheduled for discussion:

  1. Minutes of the last meeting
  2. Treasurer’s report: Bob Lind  -  UW-Platteville
  3. Section Representative’s report: Jim Mallmann  - MSOE
  4. High School Representative’s report: Judy Schmidt  -  Oak Creek H. S.
  5. Two-year College Representative’s report: Theo Koupelis  -  UW- Marathon Center
  6. Committee reports:Awards Committee, Publications Committee, Workshops Committee
  7. Old business from the floor
  8. Sites for future meetings
  9. New business from the floor
  10. Election of:
    • High school and college representatives to the Workshops Committee (3-yr term)
    • UW-River Falls, high school, and college representatives to the Publications Committee (3-yr term)
    • High school representative to the Awards Committee (2-yr term)
    • Vice President, Program Chair for 2003 (includes 1-yr term on the Workshops Committee)
    • President
    • Secretary/Treasurer
    • High School Representative
    • Two-Year College Representative
    • Section Representative (2-yr term)
  11. Closing remarks and adjournment.


1. Minutes of the last meeting

Amidst a great deal of background noise apparently associated with some guy that “has been around for longer than David could even remember” I was able to determine that the minutes were accepted after a motion made by Jim Madsen and seconded by Erik Hendrickson were approved.


2. Treasurer’s report: Bob Lind  -  UW-Platteville

Another motion and second by the dynamic duo of item 1 resulted in further approval.             


3. Section Representative’s report: Jim Mallmann, MSOE

Section representative Jim Mallmann  pointed out several highlights of his report:

  • There are 17 (COUNT 'EM, 17!) Area Committees charged with dealing with specialized areas of general interest to the membership.  If you are at all interested, volunteers are needed.  Ask Jim for a Nomination and Volunteer Form PLEASE!

  • The 126th National Meeting  will be in Austin, TX, January 11-15, 2003, at the Renaissance Austin Hotel and get this: the 127th Annual Meeting will be in Madison, WI, August 2-6, 2003, at the Monona Terrace and at UW-Madison for workshops!  Both Bob Greenler and Glen Schmieg have been invited to give presentations.  This is a great opportunity to experience a national meeting if you have not yet done so.  Try It, You’ll Like It!

  • The dynamic duo strikes again. Approved.


4. Two-year  College Representative’s report: Theo Koupelis  -  UW- Marathon Center

From the “you had to be there department”: All would agree that Theo gave an absolutely fantastic report, the very best ever!  This was most remarkable, when you take into consideration the fact that Theo himself wasn’t even there!

The dynamic duo was on a roll.  Also approved.


5. High School Representative’s report: Judy Schmidt  -  Oak Creek H. S.

Judy and her report were very conspicuous by their absence.  If they had been there, however, it is almost certain that Jim and Erik would have moved to accept the report and it would have passed unanimously instead of anonymously as it did.


6. Committee reports:

Awards Committee

No one, who was present to represent the Awards Committee, reported that this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award went to Bob Lind and based on the fact that it was intuitively obvious to even the most casual observers that there have to be many much more deserving candidates out there went on to urge all the members to make nominations for future awards and get them, along with necessary documentation, in early to David Tamres or other members of the Awards Committee.  This could even be done by email.  C’mon YOUSE Guys!  Let’s see a COUPLE-TWO-TREE[1] at least next year, HEY.  The rules and past award winners are in the Rules/Awards folder on our web site, currently at http://www.uwmc.uwc.edu/physics/wapt/rulesawards.htm.

Publications Committee

Typically no one was here from this committee to provide a report and even though we had a moment of silence and strained our ears we were unable to hear anything from John Shepherd.  Perhaps the wind was in the wrong direction.  David, able leader that he is, decided to see who actually is on the committee and much to his surprise found that he not only was but had been for the past two years, so he took in upon himself to report that Wisphys is alive and well and still online; so, get your submissions in as soon as possible.  Apparently all were still straining to receive a message from John as no motion was detectable.  I assume the report was acceptable anyway.

Workshops Committee

Representing this committee, Matt Evans pointed out that we had six (unfortunately one of which was probably unnecessarily cancelled) very successful and well attended workshops and made a strong plea to anyone interested in taking a workshop next year to PLEASE sign up ahead of time.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!  Why, might you ask?  Let an example serve.  Another workshop was almost cancelled because there were only a handful signed up as of the day before.  Suddenly at the last minute the number went up to thirteen and when it actually started it had twenty!  But, dear reader, DID EVERYONE GET A PLUNGER?  NO, THEY DID NOT.  Both super Menards were out and it was to late to order.  Let this be a lesson to you for the future.  Interested in a workshop, but not interested in having it cancelled?  Want to ensure that you will get a plunger next year?  THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE.  JUST SIGN UP AHEAD OF TIME!  At least one workshop from this year will be inherited by next year’s meeting.


7. Old business from the floor

  • Web Site.  Wild applause and Cheers to Theo (even though he was not present), the Web site is up and running at , at least for the time being.  Take a look!  Joe Zoller and Jim Madsen moved that we look into registering an easier to remember and find domain name such as wapt.org or waapt.org that would then automatically send people to the above site or wherever it happens to be in the future.  Mark Larchez then moved, seconded by Bob Lind, to amend the above motion to “let Joe do it.”  This passed unanimously.

  • Mailing List.  Thanks (more wild cheering, etc) to Matt Evans for putting together a complete, current list of College Physics Teachers in Wisconsin and to Joe Zoller and Mark Lattery for email addresses and a very up-to-date and complete list of the 650 high school teachers of physics and physical science in Wisconsin.  After some discussion it was agreed that the lists will not be made public.

  • Other.  None.


8. Sites for future meetings

A call for volunteers resulted in a more complete silence than when we were all listening for John Shepherd.  It was so quiet, several people thought they heard John this time, but he wasn’t volunteering for anything.  Finally, Gubbi Sudhakaran from Lacrosse said that they were planning on hosting the meeting in 2004, but...if no one else......He was interrupted by an instantaneous motion, second, unanimous approval and wild applause to accept UW-Lacrosse as the host for the meeting to be held October 31- November 1, 2003, that all occurred simultaneously, I kid you not!  Pending department approval, Roy Knispel volunteered UW-Oshkosh for the fall 2004 meeting site.  Roy will let us know for sure in two weeks.  We all agreed that having meeting sites known at least two years in advance is really useful for more knowledgeable planning. 


9. New business from the floor

It was agreed that existing and new share groups would forward information about their contact people and activities to the WAPT web site.


10. Election of:

High school and college representatives to the Workshops Committee (3-yr term)
Matt Evans was inadvertently elected followed by Mike Lyman and  Mike Jackson who were advertently elected, much to Matt’s relief.

UW-River Falls, high school, and college representatives to the Publications Committee (3-yr term)
It being not unreasonable to assume that he would be willing to continue, John Shepherd was re-elected.  David Whiteley will re-join and Mark Lattery will join him and David (“much to my surprise”) Tamres on this critical but not onerous committee.

High school representative to the Awards Committee (2-yr term)
You can tell that it is getting close to the end of my time in this position because I completely missed this one and this is a committee that actually does stuff!  Please let Theo know if anyone remembers so he can put the name here_________________. Thanks.

Vice President, Program Chair for 2003 (includes 1-yr term on the  Workshops Committee) 
La Crosse, being unwilling to follow the Eau Claire model, the winner is: Gubbi Sudhakaran

President: Matt Evans
Secretary/Treasurer: Erik Henrickson

High School Representative
Judy Schmid, provided we are not being too presumptuous in believing that it is not unreasonable to assume she is interested in continuing; if not, Joe Zoller has volunteered.  Stay tuned.

Two-Year College Representative
Theo Koupelis

Section Representative (2-yr term)
Jim (unnecessarily elected last year) Mallmann


11. Closing remarks and adjournment

Once again there was absolutely tumultuous applause for the gang at UW - Eau Claire and especially for Mary Jo Decker, Lauren Likkel, and Matt Evans.  It was such an overwhelming emotional experience that I could not even see my watch clearly enough to have any idea when the meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted  

Bob Lind

[1]For those of you new to SCANSIN, the state where Cheeseheads are from. COUPLE-TWO-TREE: more than one; as in “Delmer and me drank a couple-two-tree beers.”


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